Dakota Hunter

Dear Friends,

It took me 18 months to write a book about my passion: Dakota Hunting.

It turned out to be not that simple: 400 pages and 250 photos of my 20 years of expeditions into the rough and the tough.

12 chapters jampacked with adventure, suspense, hilarious and dramatic moments, illustrated with picures galore.

Encounters with the Douglas DC-3/ C-47/ Dakota from Alaska to the High Andes, from Africa to the Andaman Islands

From the Colombian Amazon Jungle to the Caribbean Islands and beyond to Honduras and Madagascar.

I met the pilots and the operators: and uninvited, also the military, the warlords and their militia, the local Heroes & Villains,

In forgotten remote settlements where no western people ever come, and with good reason: it is mostly chaos out there.

Read the first line report of those expeditions, where the Dakota Hunter managed to find his trade and got that cargo out of the jungle.

But often, all efforts were in vain: the confrontations with the Military were always awkward: many times I went back home with empty hands.

However, it all made a unique travelling report as you most probably have rarely been reading before.

The stunning pictures are the evidence of my weird encounters with fascinating situations on sites that you can hardly find on a map.

I was bitten by the Dakota Bug during my kid years in Borneo where I flew the plane so often with my father: it was my lifeline to a bigger world.

The virus never slipped out of me anymore and so many years later I felt the urge to go find that plane again, as if the Borneo years could be revived.

Impossible, but I came close and loved every minute of my new encounters and flights with the Dakota, 50 years after my first flight with that plane.

It will never stop, there ain’t no cure for the jungletime blues, Dakota forever.

Finally, it had all to be written down by me, a fascinating story of the Dakota Hunter, but sofar only in Dutch language.

Due for publication by early December in Holland, planned to be published in English, French, German, Spanish soon in the next year.

If interested, you please let me know and I will keep you informed of the next steps and teasers in English with stories and pictures.

Best regards,

Hans Wiesman




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